1) Find the gift card you would like to add to your order.
2) Click 'Add' for the gift card you would like to add.
3) Enter the amount/quantity you would add to your order in the box that appears and click 'Add to order'.
4) The gift card will appear in your cart along the right sidebar.
5) Repeat steps 1-4 until your order is complete.
6) Next click 'Confirm Order' where you will be directed to summary of your order.
7) If your order is correct, click 'Place Order'.  Your order will only be placed if you complete this step and your order status on the top shows 'Placed'.
8) If your organization sets an order due date, you may change your order any time before the due date.  However, please ensure you place your order again. Only the most recently placed order will be saved.

You can filter the gift cards by category along the left side. You may also search for the desired gift card using the top search box.